We see an Alberta where the harvesting
of wild furbearers is an ongoing, respected
management activity that helps to ensure
the continuation of this part of Alberta's
heritage, culture, and identity.

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  • American Martenmartes americana
  • Fishermartes pennanti
  • Wolverinegulo gulo
  • American Minkneovison vison
  • American Badgertaxidea taxus
  • Erminemustela erminea
  • Striped Skunkmephitis mephitis
  • River Otterlontra canadensis
  • Canada Lynxlynx canadensis
  • Bobcatlynx rufus
  • Muskratondatra zibethicus
  • Beavercastor canadensis
  • Red Foxvulpes vulpes
  • Coyotecanis latrans
  • Grey Wolfcanis lupus
  • Red Squirreltamiasciurus hudsonicus
  • Raccoonprocyon lotor
1 American Marten2 Fisher3 Wolverine4 American Mink5 American Badger6 Ermine7 Striped Skunk8 River Otter9 Canada Lynx10 Bobcat11 Muskrat12 Beaver13 Red Fox14 Coyote15 Grey Wolf16 Red Squirrel17 Raccoon18
To Our Friends and Family in Fort McMurray
The Alberta Trappers’ Association is deeply saddened and concerned for the residents of Fort McMurray and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the devastating wildfire, including our member trappers whose traplines may have been lost. We send our heartfelt thanks to the firefighters and emergency workers who are working hard to prevent further losses while endangering their own lives. We encourage all ATA members to make donations to the Canadian Red Cross in this time of need.

2016 Annual General Meeting Notice
Notice is Hereby Given that a Meeting of the Members of the Alberta Trappers’ Association will be held in Westlock, Alberta on Saturday, September 17, 2016. Click here for more information.

You Can Now Purchase ATA Memberships Online
Just select the Memberships button above and purchase your ATA membership online, simple and easy!

Position Statements
May 14, 2016. The Board of Directors of the Alberta Trappers' Association are pleased to announce the approval of a position statement for Incidental Catches.

Peace River Local
Trappers Picnic
Join our northern trappers as they host their annual picnic on August 13th. There will be plenty of activities including a pancake breakfast and skinning and trapping demos. For more information, contact Jason Parker at

Fort McMurray Local 1063
The Alberta Trappers' Association is pleased to announce the formation of Fort McMurray Local 1063. For more information, contact Jason Kachur at 780-370-2373 or email fmtrappers@gmail.com.

Duvernay and Montney Policy and Regulatory Implementation Pilot (PRIP)
This report presents a summary of comments captured in the first phase of engagement on the Duvernay and Montney PRIP. Many traplines will be affected by development in these areas of Alberta, namely the Fox Creek - Whitecourt area. The Alberta Trappers' Association has been involved on behalf of Alberta trappers since the beginning. You can read the report here. For a map of affected traplines, click here.

Trapping is Vital in North America
The people of the United States and Canada have long counted on trapping as a source of food, clothing, and income. Trapping has always been a big part of being self-sufficient, providing for one’s family, and being a steward of the land. Read more here.

2015 Resolutions
Click here to view the 2015 Resolutions that were discussed at the 2015 Annual General Meeting.

Wolverine Survey
The Alberta Trappers Association is involved in a joint venture with the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) on a wolverine survey for the Province of Alberta. More details can be found on the ACA website (see Links). All trappers with a trapping area are encouraged to fill out this survey even if they have never seen wolverine sign on their RFMA. Send the completed survey to this office and we will forward it.

Tracking a Ghost
- by ACA biologist Shevenell Webb
The Wolverine Project on YouTube.
Wolverine Project Newsletter

Wolverine Project Newsletter 1

Click here for the survey

2016 Rendezvous by the Creek & Outdoorsmen Show
The 43rd Annual Rendezvous and Outdoorsmen Show will be held in
Pincher Creek, Alberta, July 1 & 2, 2016

Click here for more information regarding Rendezvous 2016.

Download the various Rendezvous forms and information below.

2016 Registration Form 2016 Sponsor Letter 2016 Vendor Application
Rendezvous Directions Accommodations Rendezvous Schedule
Rendezvous Donor Registration Live Auction Items

  Trappers as Citizen Scientists
COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS ARE PROMOTING WOLVERINE CONSERVATION. Click here to read more about the role trappers played in wolverine research. This article was published in The Wildlife Professional, an exclusive benefit for members of The Wildlife Society. Visit wildlife.org/join to learn about the many benefits of TWS membership.

  Attention Black Bear Hunters
Help Fish & Wildlife gain information on black bear populations.
Have you or someone you know harvested a black bear in WMUs 318-332, 500-504, 506, 509-512, 514-519 or 529-531? If so, submit a premolar tooth to a local Fish & Wildlife office for ageing. Click here for more information.

Fur Resource Kit
The Alberta Trappers' Association now offers a free fur resource kit available for loan to any school in Alberta...
Learn all about trappers, trapping and furbearer management in North American wildlife conservation here...
  Training Courses
The Alberta Trappers' Association offers trapping courses around the province of Alberta. Sign up today...

Resident Trappers
All Resident Trappers in Alberta require form WA 19A to be filled out by landowners they are trapping for. Get it here...
  Our Furbearers
The Alberta Trappers' Association recognizes the need for responsible management of our furbearers...
  Become a Trapper
The ATA receives many enquiries concerning acquiring a trapline or how to become a trapper in Alberta...

  Chris Wilke Memorial Scholarship
The Alberta Trappers' Association is pleased to award the 2014 Chris Wilke Memorial Scholarship to Jasmine Boucher and Julie Waine. Congratulations Jasmine and Julie.
For more information about the Chris Wilke Memorial Scholarship and the man who it was named for, please read more here...

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