Adult Mentoring Program

This program is for those that have successfully completed the Standard Trapper Education Course, along with having a current trapping license.  This program will provide a mentor who can take you out trapping and assist you in getting started. This will include, scouting out locations and setting traps which will be checked each day.

This is a great opportunity to spend 3 days with an instructor, learning to find viable locations along with setting traps out. We will provide the trapping equipment etc.

Students are required to cover room costs, meals and provide their own outdoor clothing. The program is FREE for those that are eligible, other than the cost of lodging and meals

This beneficial program will be operated on the ATA trapline at Dapp which has the Teen Time Ranch located right beside the south end of the trapline. The costs at the ranch for lodging and meals are very fair, and the food is excellent. 

Currently there is one trained mentoring instructor and the program is limited to a maximum of 8 people. 

If you have completed the standard trapping course and would like to take advantage of this FREE program, please fill out an application form and send it to our office.


The program is limited to 8 participants.  Additional dates will be scheduled in the 2021 year