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Wilderness Awareness Course-Introduction

2.5 Days



MAY 5 - 7, 2023 Makewin Lodge, Alberta Centre For Trapping and Bushcraft, DAPP

Have you dreamed of exploring nature beyond the city or provincial parks?

Do you want to embrace the challenge of the wilderness but don’t really know where to start?

Maybe you’re a parent who wants to expose your children to the Great Outdoors.

This course will provide you with valuable tools and know-how to access the wilderness, to maximize your enjoyment, and to get home safely.

The three-day course will be conducted both in a

classroom setting and outdoors.

Course topics will include: 
  1. Land access

  2. Trip planning and preparation

  3. Potential hazards

  4. Risk mitigation

  5. Camp set-up and

  6. Maintenance

  7. Wildlife awareness

  8. Essential equipment

  9. How to prepare and pack a vehicle (including in extreme cold conditions)

  10. Medical and First Aid considerations

  11. Food/hydration

  12. Basic navigation techniques/resources

  13. Group leadership

  14. Emergency measures and the rescue process, and much more



Russ Meades is a lifelong solo hiker and hunter, a former soldier, and a wilderness living skills and survival instructor.

He spent the last 14 years of his 40 year military career with the Canadian Rangers, with whom he operated in extreme climatic conditions and in very remote wilderness locations.

Retiring from the Canadian Army in 2022, he was a qualified military mountain expedition leader and was an instructor in weapons and tactics, physical training, and unarmed combat. He was also an instructor supervisor and training designer.

Russ is married with two adult sons and lives on a homestead in Central Alberta.

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