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Willow Basket Weaving-Basic Introduction

2 Hours



FRIDAY EVENING MARCH 10th, 2023 for 2 hours, 7pm - 9pm - Makewin Lodge, Alberta Centre For Trapping and Bushcraft, DAPP

This is a 2 HOUR Introduction to Basic Willow Weaving. This will take place the FRIDAY evening prior to the SATURDAY/SUNDAY Course that covers introduction through to advanced.

My name is Candice Cullum. I am a wild crafter and wild harvester based in Kneehill County Alberta. Being a forth generation Alberta farm kid, picking berries, harvesting and making use of what nature provided was a part of our daily life.

I spend the warmer months volunteering as the Red Deer regional coordinator for the Alberta Mycological Society. With a deep passion for wild fungi I carry a lot of baskets.. Which easily lead into my next passion, weaving wild willow!

When the cold weather sets in and I can no longer harvest fungi, the willow beckons me. The lovely variations of colour and texture achieved through wild weaving means no matter how many I make, I can never make two the same!

An art form that is slowly falling away made it difficult to find classes in my region so I began learning online and making tutorials where I saw they were lacking.

The need for more sustainable compostable methods to shop and carry inspired me to begin teaching anyone who was willing.

From a very small Facebook group of 8 local beginners we’ve grown to include folks spanning across the globe.

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