Alberta Trappers Compensation Program

The ATCP is a program of the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Parks (AEP) that provides a framework for compensating trappers for business losses incurred through industrial activity on their RFMAs when they are not able to reach a settlement with industry. Incidences of theft and vandalism to assets on RFMAs are also considered.

Partners in the program include the Alberta Trappers' Association (ATA), the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (SEPAC), Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA), Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA), and ATCO.

Funding for the ATCP is provided by Public Lands through levies on land dispositions, as well as from direct contributions from CAPP, SEPAC, CEPA, AFPA and ATCO.


The ATA provides administrative support to the program.

If you have any questions about this program or the claims process and need additional information,

please do not hesitate to contact the ATA office
or Ken Bailey, the Alberta Trappers’ Compensation Program Co-ordinator (780-990-4879).

Eligible Claims

Only Senior RFMA holders are eligible to make application to the program. Applicants must be active in their trapping efforts as determined by AEP.


What types of claims are eligible?

  • Temporary disruption as a result of industrial activity that prevents maintenance of traditional trapping effort and/or harvest.

    Claims must be supported by documentation of failed efforts to resolve the dispute directly with industry.

  • Direct damage to trapping-related assets. Insurable items, including ATVs, snowmobiles and trailers are not eligible for compensation.

    If damage is a result of industrial activity, claims must be supported by documentation of failed efforts to resolve the dispute directly with industry.

  • Theft or vandalism to trapping-related and non-insurable assets and improvements.

    Claims must be accompanied by a police report.

  • Long-term loss of livelihood as a result of industrial activity. Long-term loss claims will be paid to a maximum of five years.

    Claims must be supported by maps depicting the location and extent of disturbance within the RFMA and a letter from the regional F&W biologist declaring that there is no reasonable opportunity to maintain fur harvest levels or revenues by relocating to alternative areas of the RFMA or by trapping alternative species.

  • If a claim is approved by the ATCP Board, lost fur will be compensated at the average price of furs sold at auction in the previous year as published in the annual Alberta Guide to Trapping Regulations.

  • Forest Fire Cabin Fund  - The Forest Fire Cabin Fund was established by the Alberta Trappers’ Association in 1997 to help defray losses incurred to trapper cabins by naturally-occuring wildfires. $5.00 from each RFMA licence is contributed to the fund annually (~$8,000.00 annually).


Requests for compensation must be made on the approved claim form and the proper documentation should be attached which may include:

  • Documentation of failed efforts to resolve the claim directly with industry

  • Photographs – especially for theft, vandalism and arson, trail disruptions, etc.

  • In the case of theft or vandalism, a police report along with a description of equipment stolen or damaged and it’s estimated value or original purchase receipts

  • In the case of claims for long-term loss of livelihood, maps and/or photos depicting the location and extent of impacts and a letter of support from the regional Fish & Wildlife Biologist

  • Historic fur harvest records

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