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Advanced 7 Day Trapping Course


7 Days




Jan 23 - 29, 2023 - Makewin Lodge, Alberta Centre For Trapping & Bushcraft DAPP

Whether you live in Alberta or another area of the country, you can attend this course.

This advanced course does NOT provide an Alberta Trapping License. If you want to obtain your Alberta trapping license, you must take the 3 day Alberta Standard Trapping Course.

The cost INCLUDES all meals and lodging.
Manage a Trapline with Success!



Instructor Ross Hinter

Ross Hinter has been with the Alberta Trappers Association in varying capacities for 30 years. He currently represents the Association as the Community Liaison with Public, Industry, Indigenous and Government. 

He grew up in British Columbia raising his family of 5 children while working as a cowboy on the ranches of the Cariboo and the interior.

He spent a great amount of time with the Shushwap & Okanagan First Nations Peoples, learning valuable insights and gaining a great love and respect for the land.

Ross travels all over Alberta, representing the Alberta Trappers Association. He also offers his expertise in bush craft skills such as winter wilderness survival, arrow making, traditional Native tanning, primitive weaponry, talking sticks, rawhide, and other aspects of bush living.


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