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An Alberta where the sustainable harvest and management of wild furbearers is an established and recognized conservation activity integral to our heritage, culture and identity.

Message To The Membership

Greetings Fellow Trappers:

I hope everyone in our trapping community is finding a way to get some time away from the COVID grind, take some downtime and enjoy a little R&R. The ATA AGM this year will be held on September 12 in Westlock.

My 2-year term is up as president and it is my intention to let my name stand for another term. Although I believe we are on a good track at this point there are still some things that need to be accomplished that will place trapping in Alberta on a firm foundation for the future and I want to see that through to completion.

Most of the Board of Directors members whose 2-year term is expiring have agreed to let their names stand and I am very thankful for that. Greg Miller our Treasurer will not be continuing as a member of the board and he will be sorely missed. He served the board well with integrity, insight, and unfailing loyalty to his fellow trappers. Greg remains a valued member of his local and the broader trapping community. This leaves an opening in Zone 2 for a new director and given the number of talented and passionate members in the region I'm sure that a great candidate will step forward and let their name stand.

We also have a vacant position in Zone 1, I really hope that we can have somebody step up to this position. Travel is not such a time commitment as it might be in other zones to attend meetings and besides, we do a lot of association business digitally these days.

Darnell McCurdy, the current director for Zone 1 who is also our new board secretary would be an excellent contact for anyone interested in being a member of the board. Darnell's contact information is on the ATA website. Keep in mind that board travel and expenses are covered by the ATA so economics should not be a barrier to any interested members.

There has been some staff reorganization at the ATA office this summer. I am pleased to announce that Donna Moore our finance manager has moved into the position of Executive Director. The trapping community is very fortunate to have somebody of Donna's calibre in this critical role as we move forward with our plans for the future. Jeff Bakker has moved into the role of Trapper Education and Professional Development Coordinator. The education and training model developed here in Alberta is I believe, the best in Canada. In the near future, we will be announcing new programming and training opportunities for both new and experienced trappers in Alberta including enhanced mentorship programming for youth and new trappers. Also, we are developing information programs for the community at large. I'm confident Jeff will do a great job moving these programs forward to fruition. Finally, we have created the position of ATA Community Liaison and Program Coordinator to be undertaken by Ross Hinter. Ross will focus on engaging and building relationships with key segments of society where trappers must open communication and create understanding, goodwill, and cooperation. These are the education system in Alberta, community organizations and groups including within the indigenous community and, industry. The continuation of trapping depends on us making inroads and building relationships in these key areas. I cannot think of a better person to take on this critical role. Ross's passion and sincerity are infectious and inspiring. Ross will be our ambassador and part of a coordinated effort to move the perception of trappers into a role that is respected and normalized in modern society.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer and we'll see you at our AGM.

Be safe and well,

Bill Abercrombie, President

Alberta Trappers Association

Main Office: 780-349-6626

Mobile: 780-446-0204



Annual General Meeting of the Members of the
Alberta Trappers Association

Will be held at the Westlock Legion on

Saturday Sep 12th, 2020​ at 10:00 A.M.

You MUST be a current member in order to attend.  To verify your membership status, please contact us at   780-349-6626


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