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We need as many trappers as possible to participate

in the Alberta Trappers Association / Alberta Conservation Association logbook program

Click here for a PDF from this site

or for THE ONLINE DIGITAL version for 2020

Trappers wishing to continue to use the "old" logbook for their own records/purposes are encouraged to contact the ATA office at 780-349-6626

A pdf copy of the old logbook will be emailed upon request

Participants are required to keep a paper copy of their logbook entries, to be updated regularly

Participants should return their completed logbooks (digital or hard copy) by July 15, 2020

2018/19 Logbooks were a Success!

A big thank you to everyone who submitted a logbook!

In 2018, 290 trappers signed up to participate for the Alberta Trappers’ Association (ATA) 2018/19 logbook, which increased from the 210 that signed up for the 2017/18 logbooks. By the July deadline, we received 199 logbooks, which is a 63% response rate (vs. 37% in 2018). In September 2019, personalized summary reports were sent to participants who submitted a logbook before the July 2019 deadline.

Our goal for the 2019/20 season is to have 300 completed and submitted logbooks by the July 15, 2020, deadline. The increase in participation this year produced better results at the provincial and natural region level, but we were still short to produce accurate results at the fur management zone level. 

2019/20 Logbooks includes Other Species!


We heard your comments and feedback regarding your interest in providing multi-species information. Great news: the 2019/20 logbook will include quota species (e.g., fisher, lynx, otter, and wolverine) as well as marten. Marten are the most commonly harvested species across Alberta; therefore, incorporating other furbearers will require more invested interest from logbook participants to produce meaningful results.

To simplify the logbook process, we are asking participants to complete one page of required information, and two pages of optional additional information (regarding quota species). Considering we have added quota species this year, we wanted to ensure that entering data did not increase. We wanted to make it easier for our participants to get us information. Therefore, the 2019/20 logbook has been condensed to entering only one value for trapline activity for each month (hours spent on all activities combined).

Other required information will include keeping track of how many traps are set for marten and the quota species, and the duration those traps are set. We will still require gender and age class information for marten and gender-only information for quota species.

Participants are strongly encouraged to submit their logbooks using the digital version as it will allow for automated compilation and reporting of the results.

RFMA Application Form

Registered Fur Management Area Application Form, please download form below.

RFMA Conditional Relinquishment for Transfer or Sale of Assets

Conditional Relinquishment for Transfer or Sale, please download form below.

Registered  Fur  Management  Operating Plan

We see an Alberta where the sustainable harvest and management of wild furbearers is an established and recognized conservation activity that is integral to our Heritage, Culture and Identity.

Trappers Cabins - Construction

For information regarding "new" Trappers Cabin Construction Specifications and Application Procedures.

Resident Trappers

All Resident Trappers in Alberta require form WA 19A to be filled out by landowners they are trapping for.


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