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We, as an Association of trappers in the Province of Alberta, recognize the need for responsible management of our furbearers. As stewards of this precious resource, we have a responsibility to all Albertans to maintain healthy furbearer populations irrespective of market considerations. Nature will control the vast population swings without the assistance of trappers. Nature will accomplish this goal through habitat destruction, starvation, conflict and disease. It is the goal of responsible fur management to mitigate the wide fluctuation in population numbers by removing a portion of the furbearer population each year, and to do so when the fur has a value and can be salvaged. As an Association, we also recognize that the costs to Albertans yearly for animal damage control are approximately one million dollars. In addition, we also recognize that many registered traplines are not being managed for the benefit of the furbearers. We acknowledge that there are many trained trappers in the province who would welcome an opportunity to collaborate on a registered trapline and thereby have the opportunity to harvest furbearers. The Association therefore recommends that any trapline, which is not being trapped and therefore managed, be sold or returned to the Crown for redistribution to those that welcome this opportunity. The Association further recommends that any senior holder who does not trap, find a junior partner that is willing to do so. To assist those senior trappers in finding a willing junior partner, the Association will print this request, free of charge, in our quarterly magazine, which is distributed to all members of the Association. The Association further notes that this position would apply to all trapping areas in the province, including those held by Indian and Métis interests.

Reviewed 2022 Director’s Meeting Alberta Trappers’ Association

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