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Hunting Contests


We, as an Association of trappers within the Province of Alberta, recognize the fact that predator hunting contests, from time to time, take place within the province. Landowners affected by an abundant population of predators, which may affect their livelihoods, often establish these contests for their benefit. While we as an Association of trappers would prefer to see trappers utilized for the control of predators on both private and public lands, we also understand that these contests are not illegal by the rules and laws that govern hunting within the province of Alberta. Because of this, the Alberta Trappers’ Association takes a neutral stance on the practice of hunting contests.

However, we believe the following should be adhered to when hunting contests take place:

  • That the animals being removed during these contests are removed in a humane manner that does not cause unnecessary suffering to the animal.

  • That the contest participants show the utmost respect for the animals being sought after.

  • That the contest participants abide by all laws as written in the Alberta Wildlife Act.

  • That Fish & Wildlife, as provincial wildlife managers, monitor all contests that effect wild furbearers to ensure that populations are not compromised and animals are treated with respect and dignity.

  • That the fur of the animal be removed in the proper manner, utilized fully, and not be discarded. The Alberta Trappers' Association is an available resource for the proper training and instruction in fur handling.

  • That the carcass of the animal, after fur removal, and in a discreet manner, is returned to the lands from which it came to benefit the many other animals that may depend upon this food source at a time when food resources are low.

Reviewed 2022 Director’s Meeting Alberta Trappers’ Association

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