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In Alberta, over the years, the two most common toxicants used in animal management have been strychnine and monosodium fluoroacetate, better known as Compound 1080. Both of these poisons will kill any animal or bird unfortunate enough to encounter them.

The Alberta Trappers’ Association believes that trappers are a far more effective option than the use of poisons where animal control initiatives are required, and should be utilized for their exceptional knowledge of animal movements and patterns, their compassion for the animals they pursue, and their expertise in pelt handling.

The Alberta Trappers’ Association believes that all animals should be treated with the utmost respect when they are to be removed. This includes an approved humane method of harvest and the proper preparation of the animal’s pelt where possible.

The indiscriminate use of poison kills non-target species including those of animals considered “at risk” or “vulnerable”. Scavenging birds are also subject to incidental and secondary poisonings (biomagnification), as well as numerous smaller animals.

Through ongoing trapper education and provincial legislation, the Alberta Trappers’ Association ensures that trappers are using approved humane management methods. This is a responsibility that we take seriously, regardless of the value of an animal’s pelt.

Therefore, the Alberta Trappers’ Association does not support the indiscriminate use of poison as an animal management tool.

Reviewed 2022 Director’s Meeting Alberta Trappers’ Association

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