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FOX Tissue Samples Wanted for Research

UofC, Ecology and Conservations Unit is seeking tissue samples

from Red Fox

Red Fox Research Alberta Trappers
Fox Tissues Wanted

Please download the following data sheet on this research project.

Red Fox Data Collection Sheet
Download PDF • 387KB

Ensure your specimen is of good health, If you suspect any illness, including mange/mites/rabies, discard specimen. The Saskatchewan Trappers Association took part in this research study last season. You can view their instructions included in their guide here. Your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated.

You may also contact Ross Hinter, Public/Community Liaison for the Alberta Trappers Association at 780-349-6626

Please submit samples by March 13, 2022 to:

Alberta Trappers Association

Hwy 44 South Industrial Park, Lot 12

Westlock, Alberta T7P 2P7

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