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Wolf Tissue DNA

Wolf Tissue Samples for DNA

An additional project we are working on is in collaboration with the Elk Island Park team.

Chaplain143, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

We are gathering wolf tissue samples for a DNA database being created here in Alberta.

The Alberta Trappers were invited to provide tissue or hair/skin samples or even scat, if that’s what they found.

This could be analyzed by the team to gather their information for the database.

They paid $20 per sample for this.

We were hoping for a broad area of coverage as well as a significant participation from Alberta's trappers.

These programs can sometimes be a small financial return to the trapper but these programs are the kind of projects that provide important data used by science.
Often times we miss the value of this type of participation in helping with science and research. If anyone would like to speak to this or have questions on any of these projects please call me on my cell at 780-832-7908.

Thanks for your support. Ross Hinter, Community and Public Liaison


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