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Wolverine Distribution in Alberta

Wildlife Society Bulletin - Emerging Issues
Alberta Trappers Wolverine Research

Photo by Hans Veth on Unsplash

ALBERTA TRAPPERS CONTRIBUTE TO NEW WOLVERINE LITERATURE in Peer Reviewed - Published Scientific Literature!Scientific paper on Wolverine Distribution in Alberta. Thanks to the help of Alberta’s trappers who participated in the studies! 

Link to the article Incorporating Local Ecological Knowledge to Explore Wolverine Distribution in Alberta, Canada.
ACROSS NORTH AMERICA and AROUND THE WORLDThe Alberta Trappers are commended for all their hard work on this project with the results now available to biologists across North America (and around the world) ​“This really is a highlight for the trapping community because in a stand-alone publication it says to researchers and wildlife professionals globally that our knowledge and experience as trappers has value.” – Bill Abercrombie

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