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Trappers As Citizen Scientists



Alberta Trappers played a vital role in the Wolverine Research Project.  You can learn more about it here at Alberta Conservation Association.  This article, covers the Trappers as Citizen Scientists here in The Wildlife Professional, an exclusive benefit for members of The Wildlife Society. You can visit The Wildlife Society at wildlife.org to learn about the many benefits of membership with Leaders in Wildlife Science, Management and Conservation.


November 2019

Peer Reviewed - Published Scientific Literature!


Two scientific papers on Wolverine Distribution in Alberta, have recently been published.  Thanks to the help of Alberta’s trappers who participated in the studies!


READ Incorporating Local Ecological Knowledge to Explore Wolverine Distribution in Alberta, Canada.


The Alberta Trappers are commended for all their hard work on this project with the results now available to biologists across North America (and around the world)  

“This really is a highlight for the trapping community because in a stand-alone publication it says to researchers and wildlife professionals globally that our knowledge and experience as trappers has value.” – Bill Abercrombie

 READ "The Canadian Field-Naturalist" Characteristics of Wolverine dens in the lowland boreal forest of north-central Alberta. 

“Our study detected a wolverine denning strategy that is largely undescribed. We documented wolverine dens in low elevation forests lacking boulders and deep or persistent spring snow, where a core, resident population has supported wolverine harvests for over 30 years.”– text from above paper

The Alberta Trappers working together with the Alberta Conservation Association.

Thank you to the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA)

for this collaboration on a unique citizen science partnership 

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In A Nutshell

The Wolverine Partnership is a unique research approach that combines traditional knowledge and cutting edge science. The Alberta Trappers' Association (ATA) and Alberta Conservation Association (ACA)  working together!

Visit over 10 Videos of Alberta Trappers involved in this Wolverine Project  on YouTube 


Wolverine Project Newsletter

  • Working with Alberta's Trappers, valuable data was collected on Wolverines in Alberta.

  • Read what Brian Bildson, Tony Cadrain, Neil Kimmy and Russell Graham, Mike Naef, Terry Batt, and others, had to say here is these Wolverine Project newsletter

Wolverine Survey

  • The Alberta Trappers Association took an active and important role in a joint venture with the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) on a wolverine survey for the Province of Alberta. ​​

Wolverine Reporting

  • Alberta Conservation Association and Alberta Trappers’ Association (ATA) worked together to identify where wolverines occur in the province and to determine the major factors associated with their distribution. 

Wolverine Distribution on Registered Traplines in Alberta

  • Winter 2011/12 - 2015/16 with Authors Shevenell Webb, Bill Abercrombie, Robert Anderson Brian Bildson, Michael Jokinen Neil Kimmy and Doug Manzer

Trappers Help Biologists Grasp Wolverine Numbers

In response to these scientific publications, a writer for The Wildlife Society wrote an article on ATA and ACA’s collaboration to study wolverines in Alberta. The article was sent to 9,000 biologists and researchers across North America and around the world. It was also featured on their webpage and social media posts.


Here is the link to the article for your reading pleasure:

ATA members invested a lot of time and effort in the wolverine project. That work continues to pay dividends in terms of our knowledge of wolverine habitat needs, as well as highlighting who trappers are and the value that they can bring to society.

Congratulations To The Alberta Conservation Association

Last week, ACA was presented with the GROUP ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at the THE WILDLIFE SOCIETY’s annual conference in Reno, Nevada. The Group Achievement Award recognizes an organization’s outstanding wildlife achievement that is consistent with and/or assists in advancing the objectives of The Wildlife Society.

Past recipients include organizations such as: National Audubon Society, Ducks Unlimited Inc., National Wild Turkey Federation and many others.

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Ken Schroderus and Neil Godlonton, west of Nordegg, film how the Wolverine mark trees.