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Bear & Large Predator Safety Workshop

1 Day $90

SAFETY - Bear and Large Predators - Get Trained and Mitigate your Risk!


The purpose of this workshop is to teach the provincial bear aware training but add to it and spend more field time to look at risks and solutions to keeping safe in large predator areas.

Trappers by the work they do are often the “High Risk” group regarding large predators. They work with bait, scent and even beavers, (the bears favorite food).


  • The course is excellent training for anyone traveling in the outdoors or camping.

  • We will be in the field using bear spray and learning how to be effective with it.

  • As often trappers use “bait stations” we will look at and demonstrate safe ways to enter a bait station.

  • A classroom session followed by an afternoon in the bush with instructors.


"If you have taken a course or workshop at the Alberta Trappers Association and would like to leave a review on Google, here is the link to share your experience"


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