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Trapping News

Aggressive Coyote in Calgary

Pamela Fieber · CBC News 

Alberta Fishers Heading to the Cascade Mountains in Washington

Dave Dormer - Digital Producer

Alberta Trappers play Key Role in Fisher Reintroduction to Washington

Jeff Traynor, A.C.E.

Perry Kulmatyski is now working for the Alberta Centre for Trapping and Bushcraft

George Blais - Westlock News

Alberta Trappers say they are the best solution

Pamela Fieber · CBC News 

New Mexico Legislature Passes Bill To Ban

Sam Lungren - Meat Eater

Trapping Has Come A Long Way

Kevin Berger, Town & Country Today

Wild Jobs - Trappers

Tyler Dixon - Calgary Guardian

The Truth About Snares - Ross Hinter

Hunter Conservationist Podcast with Ross Hinter

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Industry Made Pits Beneficial for Beavers and Wolverines

Kate Willis, Media Contact, University of Alberta

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