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 Fur Depot January 2019 Jeff, Hunter & B
Fur Depot Tanned Fur
Fur Depot January 2019 Jeff, Tracey, Hun
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The depot will be pleased to handle your furs for tanning. Fees for tanning are required when furs are brought in for shipping.


The depot will obtain the necessary export permits and will advise you when furs are returned for pick up. A schedule of tanning fees is available upon request.


Furs submitted for tanning must be dried and properly formed, otherwise spoilage might take place. The Association will not be responsible for improperly prepared pelts.


Housed in the back of the Alberta Trappers’ Association building is the fur receiving depot. Here, trappers can bring their furs for shipment to the auction house.


Occasionally, the depot may purchase specific furs through an agreement with other fur buyers.