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Alberta Trappers Association
Pet Safety Presentation

PET SAFETY PRESENTATION - Available for your group or community

Alberta Trappers Zero Pet Encounters

Here at the Alberta Trappers Association, we are striving to have ZERO PET Encounters.  


This not just a statement it is a commitment.  We are putting in place a multi step program to try and reach our goal of Zero Pet Encounters.  Through this program we will make a great impact on reducing the already limited numbers of Pet Encounters with our traps.  

NO trapper wants to catch someone’s pet.  

This is a traumatic experience for both the pet owner and the Trapper.  Most Trappers have dogs which are a loved member of their family.  These trappers are just like other pet owners and spoil their dogs sometimes more than their own children.  

Some trappers use their dogs to aid them on the trapline to find wolf sign.  

We at the Alberta Trappers Association want to keep your dog safe by

providing these services to the public.

Outdoor Dog Safety Program

Our outdoor Dog Safety Program outlines the different hazards that your or your pet may encounter when out on private land or enjoying a hike in the forestry areas.  This program is approximately 60min long with ample time to have your questions answered.  Great discussion and simple tips on how to keep your dog from encountering the many hazards that exist.

Send Email to Ross Hinter


Fur Feathers & Our Future

This is a program aimed at bird hunters providing education on the traps and methods used in the Trapping Industry.  Trappers are highly restricted and must follow strict rules on trapping.  This program shows areas that are prime bird habitat and can also be used to trap furbearers.  The instructor provides the real equipment that is used to trap.  Hands on activity is encouraged to show how to release your pet from the trap.  The instructor is a seasoned upland bird hunter and a trapper who easily explains training tips to keep your dog from a negative encounter.

Send Email to Bill Rees

Data Collection Program

Our data collection program is designed to collect data from when an incident has occurred.  The data from this form below will help us identify hot spots within the province.  This is to collect anonymous data and also to enable us to target areas with our education programs.  


The form is designed to be a no-fault form, NO NAMES are to be written on the form.  

All forms are to be submitted to:

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