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Youth Mentoring Program

5 Days

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Students that have completed the 3 levels of our Trapper Youth Camp will be given priority in this program.



A FREE Youth Trapper Mentoring Program to assist youth that do not have anyone to help them get off to a good start and receive the mentoring to ensure success and training.

This is a 5-day program teaching the hands-on of setting traps, and handling fur, building their own forming boards and in field training for safe handling of trapping equipment.

We will travel mainly by foot with a snow sled to pull across the trapping area. This will provide the students the opportunity to set and capture the fur bearers, how to skin, flesh and board the fur they catch.

As part of this program each student would receive trap safety’s and setting tools along with all the safety gear needed to work with the traps and equipment.

The students will take home their forming boards made during the program, as well as their safety equipment and a small starter kit. This equipment will help them get started in the trapping industry.

This program will run during the December 2020 trapping season to ensure a variety of furbearers during the 5 days on the trapline.



Instructor Ross Hinter & Hunter Botham

Ross Hinter has been with the Alberta Trappers Association in varying capacities for 30 years. He currently represents the Association as the Community Liaison with Public, Industry, Indigenous and Government.

He grew up in British Columbia raising his family of 5 children while working as a cowboy on the ranches of the Cariboo and the interior.

He spent a great amount of time with the Shushwap & Okanagan First Nations Peoples, learning valuable insights and gaining a great love and respect for the land.

Ross travels all over Alberta, representing the Alberta Trappers Association. He also offers his expertise in bush craft skills such as winter wilderness survival, arrow making, traditional Native tanning, primitive weaponry, talking sticks, rawhide, and other aspects of bush living.

Hunter Botham has been with the Alberta Trappers Association since 2016. He is very active in Youth Programs as an Instructor, as well as an Instructor with the Standard Education Course. He works in the Fur Depot, he works in the Store, he works everywhere..... The Youth love him and his skills are very valuable to those he helps to mentor.

Perry is an engaging, fun and dedicated instructor who is the Program Director for the Alberta Centre for Trapping and Bushcraft. He is the energizer bunny of the outfit! He brings decades of experience working in the Outdoors with Youth. You will be enriched!

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