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The neck snare is a critical tool for fur harvesting and problem wildlife management in Alberta. Modern snares are the only legal and humane device available to trappers for lethal harvest and control of wild canids. The purpose of the snare mechanism is to render the target animal unconscious by constricting the blood flow to the brain due to compression of the carotid arteries in the neck.

Neck snares are not designed to kill by restricting air flow or to be used as a restraining device.

It is the responsibility of all trappers to utilize best practices to ensure every snare is placed properly, set correctly, and is built from the most effective components.

The snare has evolved over time. Modern snare components consist of a breakaway device, locking mechanism, and compression springs, which comprise "state-of-the-art" snare technology. The breakaway device allows non-target animals the ability to break open the linkage of the snare. The locking mechanism is very effective at clamping on the snare cable to ensure there is fast loop closure and consistent pressure applied without slippage. Compression springs allow further tightening of the snare loop by applying more force on the cable loop.

Trapper training has also been evolving. Focus on humane methods and the use of the best approved devices is the core element of the mandatory trapper training program of the Alberta Trappers' Association.

Trappers continue to be the driving force behind humane trapping, as snare technology is developed and improved. The Humane Trap Research Program with Alberta Innovates assess snaring methods and devices to ensure the modern neck snare continues to evolve as a humane tool to harvest and manage furbearers in Alberta.

Reviewed 2022 Director’s Meeting Alberta Trappers’ Association

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