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Northwest Species at Risk

This is a multi-year, collaborative partnership between NWSAR Committee, the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI), and the Alberta Trappers Association (ATA)
Northwest Species at Risk Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring
Biodiversity Monitoring NWSAR

Alberta Trapper, Terry Batt, sets a camera

The NWSAR member municipalities are Mackenzie County, County of Northern Lights, Clear Hills County, Town of High Level, and the Town of Rainbow Lake

ABMI currently collects data on ungulates and predators for density estimation in Woodland Caribou ranges across western Canada, and local trappers of ATA will be supporting the field component of this project.

Study Area

The study area includes the Caribou Mountains and Chinchaga caribou ranges in Northwest Alberta. Data from this research project complements data being collected in Northeast Alberta by ABMI’s Caribou Monitoring Unit (CMU), in collaboration with the Regional Industry Caribou Collaboration and the Government of Alberta.  

Please visit the Northwest Species at Risk committee website where you can find more information on this project in Northwest Alberta.

Where are the big game animals in northern Alberta?

Alberta Trappers are going back to the classroom to learn how to install state of the art remote cameras and audio recorders.

This is in support of a three-year study being carried out by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, working with five municipalities in the region. The study will look at movement patterns of species at risk including the Caribou.

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