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FAQ Standard Trapping Course
& Trapping Workshops


Do I have to take a course, or can I challenge the exam?

The challenge exam was discontinued several years ago now. You must take a Standard Trapping Course in Alberta to be able to obtain a trapping license.


Will my trapping license come with this Standard Course?

Once you have successfully completed the Standard Trapping Course, you will receive a certificate that shows you have passed the course.  Take your certificate to a Fish and Wildlife office.  Pay for your license.  Currently the cost is $20 for a Resident Trapping License.


What is the cost of the Standard Trapping Course?

The current cost is $399, which includes the Alberta Trapping Manual and a FREE CURRENT Year Membership with the Alberta Trappers Association.


How long is the course?

The course runs for 3 days, 8 hours each day.  This includes classroom and field hours.


After taking this course and becoming licensed, is my training valid in other provinces?

If you were licensed in Alberta and have your proof, you can obtain a trapping license in other provinces. You will need to obtain the provincial regulations for trapping in that Province.  Here are the Regulations for the Province of Alberta.


Can I attend a Standard Trapping Course in my own area?

Yes, it is possible to run a course in your area if there are 12 students, an adequate facility with washroom, heat and power, along with a suitable bush field site for the practical portion of the training.  Please contact us to set this up.


Can the Trapping Manual be purchased without taking the course?

Yes, the manual currently costs $52.50 inc GST.  It is available through the ATA and available for shipping.

Please contact the ATA to purchase.


Do I have to purchase a trapline in order to trap with my license?

No, you do not need to purchase a trapline. With your license you may trap on private land in Alberta, once your have obtained permission from the landowner along with the completion of the WA-19A form 


Are there other required courses that I need?

No, it is not required to take up-grading courses or workshops.  In the furthering of your skills and success in trapping, consider the additional courses and workshops offered. Most workshops pay for themselves as you become skilled with your trapping and fur handling.  The Snaring Workshop is an indispensable one if you are going to trap with Lethal Neck Snares. View the ATA Position Statement here.


How often do Standard Trapping Courses run?

This course is available at the Westlock location monthly. Westlock is in the center of the province and enables both northern and southern students to obtain the training.  Please visit our Education Page to stay up to date on other locations in the province that are scheduling courses.


Why is the course $399 when other provinces charge less?

The ATA Standard Trapping Course runs over a course of 3 full days.  It has earned the reputation as one of the highest standards of Trapper Training in North America!  The cost covers:

  • Administration

  • Facility Rental (if not at Westlock Location)

  • Manuals

  • Provincial Certified Instructors and their Food & Lodging


Now that I have my course, my license, permission to trap...Is there anyone that can mentor me and help me get started?

Yes, we offer a FREE Adult Mentoring Program.  Visit the details on our website to apply.  We also offer a FREE Youth Mentoring Program.  Depending on your location, local branches of the ATA may assist you in locating a trapper willing to mentor you in the field.


The Alberta Trappers Association Education Department is here to support YOU and provide all the tools to become a successful Alberta Trapper!

Please contact Tracey Fedorvich the Trapper Education Co-ordinator or Ross Hinter the Community Liaison/Program Developer  at 780-349-6626

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